A break from studies(:


I have decided to start a blog!

haha… I think i’m crazy, starting to blog when my A lvls is just around the corner. But i will still concentrate on my studies and will only blog whenever i could.

Why i want to start a blog?

erm.. i find it interesting sometimes. Mostly I’ll blog things that is more of a memorable moments in my life. and guess what you will feel when reminising those joyous memories? you’ll be in love with yr life(;

Once read a book, ‘The secret’. It taught me how to look at things positively and take things in control just within yr emotions.

So I want to keep a nice logbook of all the precious memoirs.

I used to be a very reseved person and dislike to let others know too much about me. Its the wonderful working experience in Sentosa as a F&B concerige that makes me a lively and more outgoing person(:

Last but not least, thanks to all my beloved friends from both Sec school and Jc who has brought me much laughter.

And most impotantly, learnt a lot from HIM.
be it studies, finances, emotions, all aspects of life that you can think of…



2 thoughts on “A break from studies(:

  1. WAH BIANG EH WHAT KIND OF CONFESSION IS THIS!I WANT TO STRANGLE YOU I TELL YOU LIKE I REALLY WANT TO.i still thought what he do to you ah or either that you dunno spend on what until got one big hole again.eh seriously,can i strangle you?argh.anw dinosaur is MY name ah.you go see fb, peipei label my sweet container that lor.hmm,okay i know im the ice age baby dinosaur.he can be the ancient museum kind.HAHA.
    -.-you and your confession…please dont promote my ugly photos here.

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