Miss Universe 2009

miss world universe

I was slacking after my chem paper 3 and went online to check my mails, while browsing I saw the news on Miss Universe 2009 held in Nassau, Bahamas, Sunday, Aug 23.

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, center, Miss Dominican Republic Ada Aimee De la Cruz, left, and Miss Kosovo Gona Dragusha hold hands as they wait to hear how they placed in the Miss Universe beauty pageant 2009. Fernandez (Venezuela) won the crown, De la Cruz (Dominican Republic) finished as first runner up and Dragusha(Kosovo) finished as second runner up.

Miss Venezuela Fernandez

Miss Universe Venezuela

First runner up Miss Dominican Republic

First runner up Miss Dominican Republic

Second runner up Miss Kosovo (my favourite)

Second runner up Miss Kosovo (my favourite)

*guys, don bleed!* haha…

From the first glance I find Miss Kosovo Dragusha is prettier than the Miss Universe, untill I saw their bikini wear with a lighter make up, both are comparable! However, the most stunning fact is that both Miss Universe 2009 Fernandez and Miss 2nd runner up Dragusha are only 18 years old! So young, pretty and talented ladies(:

After my prelims, i would want to watch the telecast. But the Top 15 finalists are already showing on cahnnel 5 now which i am very much tempted to watch. But i have a math paper tmr): Wanted to know how they compete with one another from 84 countries.

Nevertheless, just by glancing through the photos from www.missuniverse.com, I find Miss Venezuela’s charisma and her confidence in how she carries herself during the walks of the contest has won the appreciation of the judges and thus the pageant.

In my opinion, I prefer Miss Kovoso but she didnt perform as well… Just watched their cat-walking in bikini wear, she did not appear as confident and she seemed very nervous instead. haha.. anyway Miss Venezuela really looks  much more mature than her actual age, while Miss Kosovo looks more like an 18 year old sweetie.

From the telecast i watched just now, the judges really grade them on the spot while they cat-walk in their bikini wear and rank them to select the Top 10 finalist from the 15 of them. Its so scary. Competitive contest…

By the way, I have also watched the American Next Top Model, but apparently Miss Universe is much worth to watch as they are all real beauty(except for some). Some of the  models in American Next Top Model are simply too skinny and some have irritable attitudes. Whereas in Miss Universe, they definitely disdain those contestans who has notorious attitude (I hope..) As there are some obsene pictures published on the Chinese newspaper; LianHe Wan Bao featuring our Miss Singapore, Rachel Kim which really…(*signs*)

Btw, Miss Thailand got Miss photogenic! I agreed… and she definitely looks nicer than our Miss Singapore. Miss China got a title but I missed it):

haha…anyway, Miss Venezuela Fernandez is the sixth Miss Venezula that has been crowned the Miss Universe in the 59-year history of Miss Universe. Miss Universe 2008 is also a Miss Venezula(; Out of curiosity, i went to google Venezuela and found that Venezuela is a tropical country on the northern coast of South America. It seems like we prefer someone with unique features as Miss USA, Miss Switzerland, Miss Australia all looked almost the same and so does Miss Singapore, Miss Indonesia, Miss Thailand and Miss Malaysia.Its like its always those countries that we seldom heard of, been to… its innate?, we often have the liking for something unique.

Maybe, its evolution, Venezuela has the desirable traits for nice facial features and no ‘in-breeding’ occurs so no gene flow, thus changes accumulated over time and hence, they looked distinctly different? haha…