Happy Teachers’ Day!


♥I made cards for my teachers

Wanna wish all teachers a very Happy Teachers’ Day (esp to my fellow Secondary Schools teacher as I’ve have not been visiting them for a long time), even though they won’t get to see my blog, it’s the thought that counts…

P.W has been saying this just now in school when we were completing the cards

I have been a relief teacher so I really think it’s not an easy job in Teaching, esp. teaching secondary students. They can be very childish that you can’t imagine, some students are too quiet whereas some can be hyperactive. When I say hyperactive, they are really very HYPER ACTIVE. (eg. there’s a student who keep laughing at his friends’ joke and started ROLLING on the floor!) They can be very ridiculous at times, but sometimes they are really very adorable, making stupid mistakes that you feel like crying and laughing at the same time. Some very sweet students just loves to stuck to you. Some wants to attract your attention by making a lot of noises…

Interesting but It’s a pity I don’t get to teach, I am only reliefing… but i still teach whenever the students have any questions regarding assignments given out. However, I don’t teaching in my retirement years or after I have slogged hard in the society. (since Teaching is still an Iron Rice Bowl in Singapore.)

and I think teachers in JC are really smart as they not only need to know their facts well, they also need to teach well. Teach in a way the students can absorb easily and understand the concepts. Therefore, being a teacher is really a huge commitment! Kudos for Teachers(:

Also thanks to X.Y for reminding me about Teachers’ Day and suggested about making Teachers’ Day card. As i am feeling very good now, we can to see SMILE on MDM TAY, MR.SIM, MR.GARNESH, and esp MR.SYN (he smiled so widely that hius eyes are almost gone!) They seemed much more delighted that I had expected. I should have videoed down everything…


♥These are the consolidated cards we have made!

haha… so happy!

Okay, I shall be gg off le, going to get prepared for a trip to Malaysia, Johor(:

(CHEERS! got a chance to enjoy a sumptuous dinner!)

P.S. BTW, LIM XINYI CANT YOU JUST LINK ME!!!!   *angry le wor~*



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