Oh My Good-ness…

It has been ages that I’ve not been blogging! felt bad about it):

I wanna new blog skin but i don noe how to customize my own so need to go find out before i’ll apply for my own domian. YEAH!!! but is there anyone out there can teach me?

I gave up on TYPEKIT, it looks nice but i cant figure out how to make one on my blog! Argh… i’m planning to do my work de but ended up spending all the time on my blog):

I’ve few events to update on! Let’s BACKTRACK(:

4th Dec 2009:

  1. Went for job intervews at Recruit Express (1 at Raffles, 1 at Nee Ann City)
  2. Interview at Nee Ann City took few hours with a total of 3 rounds.
  3. Signed the contract on impulse

7th Dec 2009:

  1. 1st day of work; disastrous
  2. felt that i’m underpaid
  3. it’s stressful

15th Dec- 20th Dec 2009:

  1. I’m on 6 days MC! (reason: bad weather, stress, worries, lack of sleep, lack of water! )

23rd Dec 2009:

  1. Excited as i’ve a long weekend ahead!
  2. Knocked off at 6.3-pm and rushed out of the office to meet Xinyi and Mdm Tay.
  3. Ate dinner at Cineleisure, Billy Bombers. (really like their potato salad)
  4. went shopping with them till 10 plus.
  5. Tired out and went to sleep and prepare for Christmas Eve!

24th Dec 2009

  1. Went to collect log cake from Swesens which a Christmas present from my beloved APPLE
  2. Saw G200 got 50% off blazer (which i ned one for work) BUT DON HAVE MY SIZE FOR THE DESIGN I WANT!
  3. Okay, then i prepare to go over to his aunt’s hse tgt for Christmas party!
  5. Had a sumptuous Christmas Dinner(: I’m loving Christmas…
  6. Had Champagne too!

25th Dec 2009:

  1. Went to help out at my dad’s stall
  2. Went home to watch drama and sleep
  3. Ate another mini Christmas dinner with Ham, log cake and salad.

26th Dec 2009:

  1. Went to help out at my dad’s stall
  2. Went to do my nails! (by a freelance manicurist)
  • It’s quite ex and i don do exp nail but since i’m there just try, $23 bucks! heartbreak *cracks*
  • I saw the recommendation on blog de and i mistaken the $5 voucher as $5 service!
  • So it’s my fault, so i just did french classic manicure.
  • Should have gone Haji Lane ($5 for express)
  • but her skills are good!  (She actually specialize in Acrylic and gel overlay, extension and nail art! ;which is about $100++ for 10 fingers!)

3. Went JP walk walk, bought my blazer! from G200, its another design  which i think its nicer! (LEFT 1 PIECE NIA!) haha.. LUCKY me!

okay, gg off to do work le!



3 thoughts on “Oh My Good-ness…

  1. i feel so empty now when my nails are naked.so i see someone made a blunder with that 5bucks thing.hahha,but it should be really nice right???haha.we should go haji soon.ANYWAY CRYS,STUDENT FARE IS ENDING.

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