I Can’t Please Everyone

I find this very true and often held this in belief to console myself whenever I hurt or pissed someone off in pursuing of my own decisions.  I made a very serious decision on 6th Jan 2010 and I really felt bad about it. Am i too reckless or too immature? I don know, I only know I don want to live my life off too miserably everyday.

I’m really happy I made this decision, however on another hand, my guilt has crept upon me that totally spolit. I think I need some time to get over it. Those whom i have talk to should understand what I’m talking about. For the rest, who has been in a sticky situation where you have to make a decision, tell yourself that you cant please everyone and stop blaming yourself to have hurt the other party.

I don know why but I’m felt that I’m less confident about myself. Worst still. I don even know what changed this. I hate that feeling, I feel lousy, issit because of work? I hate it men, why do I have to go through this agian when A level is already over! Besides, work should not be a burden to me anymore. I wanna go enjoy and relax! Hope weekend come soon. I’m unsure that I can survive till Sat.

May God Bless Me.

Listen to songs to distress…

P.s Dinosaur, we’ll play hard and enjoy to the max on Sat to compensate for our anniversary♥



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