The Hilarious moments

I found some memory cards few months back while clearing my drawers and these are some of the craziest images i found in my memory cards. These images bring me back to 2007, my first year in JC.

♥ These are my Beloveds in JC

I’m sorry, Apple. It seems like almost all are your unglam photos and less of mine as I’m the photographer. *giggles*

But seriously, we are really very free in Year 1 and able to keep cam whoring in schools during our breaks! There’s more photo taken during our Saturdays extra self revision but the photos are not with me):

Year 2 is a life changing period for me, not all my beloveds with me. It’s like losing a pillar of strength. Besides, I thought I’m hardworking but I’m not as compared to the rest (def not my classmates). I had always been very lazy but at the same time still hope for good results. That’s the naive side of me. I realized its not how long you studied, but how much you have absorbed. In JC, I always had the mentality that everything i know a bit is already sufficient. That’s how I screwed my A levels in 2008.

I really hope this time round I can score much better. I’m bit worried as I had avoidance syndrome nearing A levels and even during. Maybe my tolerance of stress is no better than anyone else?

Oh No! there again my pessimism. This should be a Laugh-Out-Loud post man…

Please Laugh! *Hahaha~*



3 thoughts on “The Hilarious moments

  1. Apple, i really pity you to have a friend like her. She’s putting all your unglamorous photos up. I saw a lot of her unglamorous photos too, but she didn’t put them up. HAHA!

  2. youlong never time you secretly take for me to see okay?i’d treat you to a meal that’s nicer than your food ration.HAHHA.i hope that’s the end of all the unglam photos…so at least im sure there aint anymore for you to put up…

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