Reminising the Olden days™

I have gone back to my secondary school, Marsiling Secondary, to be an ad-hoc relief teacher. Walking down the school compound brought back a lot of memories during my schools days in msl. The familiar faces of teachers, canteen vendors and even some cleaners make me felt so comfortable that I enjoy going back to relief everyday. Even though it’s just an ad-hoc position. Besides, some teachers that i’m not familiar with really make my day too, their friendliness often filled the staff lounge with laughter. My teachers are so Friendly and amicable! my goodness, I love you all!

Just hope that I can continue working in Msl as long as possible. Furthermore, I have thought of teaching as a career, that’s why i want to experience teaching. However, my plan is to get a business related degree and strive in the private sectors for a few years before I’ll go into teaching(:

I still remember my Primary school teacher used to ask what’s our ambition. My answer is: To be a Teacher! Haha… But my ambition changes when I entered into JC. I became more ambitious, I want to be someone who wears executive suits, expensive heels and drive Porsche to work in those skyscrapers. *smiles*

Back to my school days…

I found some class photos! Try spotting me! I looked so different. *giggles*

I realized there isn’t any photos taken together with my subject teachers! Should get it on MSL 10th Anniversary Reunion Dinner! looking forward to i t>.<



6 thoughts on “Reminising the Olden days™

  1. Ok, I will work harder to slim down for the dinner so that I can also cam whore like you people like to do! ;p

    I will want to take a photo with you. 🙂

    • nope leh.. really just ad hoc. but if the teacher is on maternity leave, I can take over the class to teach(: but I haven done so!

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