It has been a long time since I exercised. Mainly due to examinations and purely laziness after the papers. Finally, I’m willing to exercise. So, yl and I decided to go cycling @ ECP.  Anyway, I don’t really know how to cycle so I have to practice more to be more proficient in it. When I started cycling around, I saw a lot of ppl playing with roller skates and swave board. Alright, I’m not interested in swave board but very keen to learn roller skates. Hehe, but I think I will take ages to learn that, so master my cycling skills first(:

Anyway, the bikes there are damn lousy! My butt aches!

Omg! the Turkish pasta is nice. The taste is very unique and the generous portion of diced lamb is marvelous. However, the pizza is very normal. Next time must try their curry as it looks appetizing when served. Their food looked very different from the pics in the menu):

Overall, the food is nice! Different experience too!



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