2009 World Champion, Korean Figure Skater

Whenever I read Straits Times, I don’t read Sports section unless it’s interesting (eg, pretty babes). However, this weekends’ Strait Times, I read; only the column on Kim Yu-Na, the Queen Figure Skater and 2009 World Champion!

This so cool! She’s only 19 and absolutely beautiful when she skates. I read up the article and was so curious about her performance that I went to youtube to search for her performance in HD. The performance was fantastic, especially the short programme where she plays a BOND GIRL with James Bond 007 medley. That’s also where she broke her record and the world’s record.

♥ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Short programme

♥ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Final 2009 Tokyo Long Programme

♥ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Grand Finale. This is awesome, like some superstar!

This is already her 3rd Grand Prix Final Champion title.

Really Impressive! She’s young, pretty, talented and kind-hearted (From Straits Times, she donated part of her earnings to Haiti relief programme and for her fellow needy korean students).



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