Longing for Android♥

I sold my HTC diamond! Cos windows mobile phone are boring. But HTC diamond is chic, so didnt plan to sell initially. Till, I came across Starhub Roadshow ads on Straits Times which triggers my desire to buy new better phone again! When I reached the Roadshow I asked a lot of question and I have decided to get an Android Phone. But i did not get any phone from the roadshow cos no particular phone I fancy alot. Besides, IT fair is coming! More great deals!

So when deciding if I should wait for more new phones to be launched or just make do with a phone with ‘not-too-shabby’ specs, I went to research on SAMSUNG Android phones and Android’s market.
Interesting facts that I found online.

View more presentations from Distimo.
When reading through some phones reviews and blogs, I happen to came across this video. It’s very long but it’s interesting.

♥Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress

Haha.. deciding whether to buy Samsung Galaxy Spica or Samsung Galaxy 2 (not out in the market yet)
After all the thinkings, I shall wait for Samsung Galaxy 2! Hopefully, it will be out in Sg by July. (oh.. that’s long): )
Why Samsung? Em, I’m influenced by my friend, Hui Jia and the roadshow promoter who said Samsung is more durable(:
Using my old old Sony Ericsson walkman phone while waiting for my Samsung Galaxy 2! Hope that it will not be too ex too, otherwise if I cant afford, it will a waste of my 5 months!

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