Their Love Story♥

♥Their Love Story Part 2 begins on 2nd May 2010.

It’s dinosaur’s Sis wedding… I’m so fortunate to be one of the sisters! It’s exciting cos its my first time being a sister. I’m inexperienced and felt so shy as i do not know most of the people at the wedding! It’s a good experience for me(: Everything is so pretty… from the bride, the wedding gowns, the bride and groom’s new room, the wedding photos to the wedding dinner.

The most heart-throbing moment is the wedding march in! (i’m still waiting for the photos…) *It’s so touching…*

Below are some of the photos on that Special Day of theirs…

♥Groom fetched the Bride with that awesome convertible!

It’s kinda of romantic(: however, the weather that day was rather sunny so they were also sun-tanning…LOL.

♥Their NewRoom

The Bed Sheet is really cute! haha…

♥Before & During the Tea Ceremony

♥Sisters’ Power!

This is a funky shot taken while waiting for Tea Ceremony Part 2.

♥Individual shot with the pretty bride(:

Ps, I think I’m not looking at the camera): Furthermore, This is the one and only individual photo…

More heart warming photos shall be up soon! (still waiting for the camera man to pass us the photos!)




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