Been mentally tired these few days…

Sometimes, I feel that we need money awfully in Life. But i dreaded the thought that I have to sacrifice something that is so precious to me just because I do posses that wealth. Well… I know it cant be helped but i just want to rant out my frustrations here.

From a more optimistic point of view, I should treat it as a training ground for my future endeavors. Besides, I found out that I can be more tactful at managing my finances. I find some of my working pals are living off on their own salary w/o taking a cent from their parents as young as from 19years old! I admire their finance management. Furthermore, they are studying at University. Have to strike a balance between Work and Study can be really tiring.

I have to persevere on and grow tougher(:

♥Will get to reap what you sow…



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