Gotten a bad news today, I felt so down. But I’m not going to let this stay long in my mind.

I will turn the bad news into precious lesson I can learn from(: And facing with the huddles, I realized Friends are really important. Besides, I’m fortunate to have my bf with me as he encouraged me alot!

In Work, Friends are the ones who will help you and share his/her experiences with you. They respect you as a friend and will not turn into beasts even its in a competitive working environment.

In School, Friends are the ones who eat, who study, who play and someone who’s willing to teach you sincerely. They are like your family, reminding you to remember to finish your assignment and remind you to rest well the day before the Exam.

In my own Social Circle, Friends are the ones who chat with you online, checking out your Facebook status to maintain long-lasting friendships. They are also the ones you can really shares your woes.

At Home, BoyFriend is the one who will give me the moral support and happinesses that will make my day!

In Life, there are bound to have ups and downs. It all depends on how we see and handle the situation, isn’t it? I have a very stubborn personality, I always wanted everything to be perfect. In fact, expecting everything to be perfect but I may not be striving really hard for it. That’s so demanding of me, isn’t it? But due to my laziness and pessimistic opinions, I often messed up my perfectionism.

I always wished to be smarter, prettier, more capable, more knowledgeable, more eloquent, etc. The unending wishes just goes on and on.

Nevertheless, whenever unhappiness struck me, I hope my friends are with me! Even though I’m not very good at expressing, I still wanna say:


I also want to thank my Bf for always been the one enlightening me about everything♥

♥Thank you for adding colours to my Life



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