All I want is wisdom.

I’ve not been blogging);

I seriously think I should pick up the habit of blogging. Usually, I will  watch Korean Variety shows, Fb, tweets, online window shopping during my free time. Blogging became the very leisure activity i will do. That’s not good! Haha… I want to have some sweet memories recorded down! *promise*

First thing first, Im burnt out from Final Exams.

I had 6 papers. Started studying intensively since a week ago (though not 24hrs studying), but time really seems to passed very fast! I broke down halfway through before my Finance and Physics Paper as I really doubt I can finish internalizing everything. But i had to force myself to get down studying after crying as I know things will just get worse if I couldn’t get a grasp of my emotions. This tremendous stress really hit me hard, even harder than I’m studying for A level. I really feel like quitting school  already. REALLY THANKED GOD FOR GIVING ME THE STRENGTH TO GO THRO THE ORDEAL. One of my friends dropped of NTU already):

Overall, I did not perform very well in exams. Not well-prepared. In the end, broke down again after my Physics Paper as I do NOT KNOW HOW TO DO EVERY SINGLE question.

” Maybe I’m not suitable to study in uni. ” this kind of thoughts just keep flashing in my mind, making me gone cold in shivers. Though the rest are okay, but definitely not a good grade as I had mental blocks throughout most papers. I wonder why! maybe too stressed and tensed up.

SO NOW, I’m All Tensed up again as I’m really afraid to know my final grades. I’m so afraid I will thrown out of sch due to poor results. Hence, seeing my friends looking more relaxed in private uni really makes me jealous! Maybe I should have just enroll myself into SIM last year.

I can’t imagine if I have to go through the torture for the remaining 3.5 years (7 sems)!


I really need the strength to go through these, I really hope I can and really grow and glow. I really wish to…

♥Let me see the light



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