I want a Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011(:

If you haven’t  realise, It’s just a month away to Lunar New Year! So excited about Lunar New Year as I can get ANG BAO^^ Though most of the red packets will be in RM, it’s better than nothing.

I doubt I will have a shopping spree this year due to the serious lack of funds and savings. Had spent my savings on gatherings and 21st birthday gifts. I really think I should save more and i  shall not buy any clothes for NY.


AND… In 2011, I hope can be a BETTER ME(:

1. better self-dicipline

2. better temper

3. better family

4. better academic results

5. better girlfriend

6. better daughter too

7. better friends to all


hehe… am I asking too much?

This Year I’m turning 21 too! I felt so old out of a sudden…

I felt rather stressed too; I’m responsible for my own self entirely. I may have to start living like an adult with very minimal financial backing from parents.

Besides, I’m spending more now. Hanging out with friends need money, frens’ bd need money, go dating need money, go shopping need money. haha… so, It’s good to start to plan for more cash inflow resources. I’m still working on it though.

For now, I’m teaching at tuition centre and part-time beginner manicurist. But i’m earning peanuts salary! How?

I need to do braces. But I guess I will give it up for now. *sobs*

Other than that, I’m hoping a BETTER ME for this GREAT 2011(:

I want to enjoy being 21!

Shall not shun any difficulties and embrace any challenge


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