(Past) 21st Birthday- Apr,May,Jun’11

My birthday, 29th April, always falls during exam periods since primary schools. Besides, as we (or rather myself) placed more emphasis on studies, I never really celebrate my birthday. Especially when I enter uni, I totally did not celebrate my birthday on the actual day! thus, my 21st is no exception. I couldn’t hold any party and didn’t had the time to plan as well. But, I have to say I still enjoyed my 21st as all my family and friends held belated birthday celebrations for me! I’m so grateful for their presence who are always there to shower their love for me. Just so blessed ♥

This is a precious gift from mommy! She went few shops to hunt the right key pendent for me cos I’m so picky! really so happy to receive this…*beams*

My sec sch buddies knew I’m having exams soon so they asked me out earlier to celebrate and we had a feast! IT WAS SUPER EXAGGERATING FEAST!

*shall let the pictures convince you!*

Received ECLAT D’ARPEGE perfume by Lanvin which I like it alot!

another sweet bunch who surprised me before my actual bd!

And MORE after my papers!!!

With my forever sexy sis and ro! (din snap alot of photos cos I guess we’re busy eating!)

2nd last!

These are my JC cca clique! and also my musical clique whre we plan to learn guitar and ukulele…! 2 are missing tho >.<

A simple gathering whre friends sit down tgt to enjoy good food and company is one of the best birthday present too ;D Really feel blessed with all the friends’ well wishes and company. If families are Gold, then friends are diamonds!♥


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