Dreams or Needs?

I had a small and serious talk with my boy about what’s bothering him recently.

He told me he’s really not very happy with what he is now; A NUS student studying Engineering. He felt that its a road that he has to walk to earn an income in future from this qualification. IT’s a Need for his future, but It’s not what he wants.

He thinks that health is more important than any other things in life, be it tangible or intangible. Being a doctor is one of his dream. But he’s faced with all sorts of obstacles to prevent him from getting to his dream, both academically and financially.

While he’s applying for local university after A levels, he had always been torn apart by the two paths; Normal straight route or make a big detour to his dreams. He chose the normal route and now He’s struggling, he so much wanted to fulfill his dreams. He wanted to quit school if he can find any medical courses overseas and loaning the fees from someone else. I really hope he can do this and I will try my best to help him! 

I believe if there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’m really happy for him, at least he has a dream! Unlike me, I do not have a dream. I do not what I want to do in future, I’m just not sure what I really want. Since young, I just do whatever i could and try to get into University and at least get a degree.

Had previous thoughts of doing my own business but lack of determination fail me twice): *heartaches*

I’m jus happy to get into a course that I think its interesting and now I jus hope I can excel in it. My dream for now is not to be some awesome researchers or some noble price scientists. I just hope to graduate in 2 years’ time with a family portrait in my graduation robe and get a decent job and lastly, get married.

I’m not someone great with ambition. something’s that’s bad bout me. I really envy those who had the inspirations and their drive towards their great dreams. Perhaps, I’m just seeking for comfort and being a typical non-risk taker.

♥To those dream makers, Kudos to you! and non-Drean maker, Let’s Jiayou continuing to seek for our very own dreams!


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