♥  I received 2 newbies for my 22nd birthday that sets me into more learnings to do! (tho I’m lazy sometimes =.=)

First, Its my Ukulele! I got it rather costly at Davis (Peninsula Shopping mall) so I forked some on my own(: My uni clique accompany me and another birthday gal to choose a uke for me and a guitar for her. Frankly Speaking, I love the acoustic & charming sound of guitar but I know myself well, I should start with easy instrument first. dah dahhhh, that’s Ukulele! I had a fren (Shelby) who learned it and she said its much easier than guitar. So, I guess i shld give it a try. Since learning an instrument is always good for self-development, so why not?

There’s so many songs I wanna learn! For now, I only can play “Someone like you” by Adele. *Cant find the right chords for most songs I want*

my uber cute Ukulele

 April and May bd babies’ celebrations started shortly after our papers at one of my frens’ hse ^.^

Last but not least, My Olympus XZ-1 that my boy and the rest of the lovely Sec sch & Jc frens (Tagged them on fb!) surprised me with! I WAS SHOCKED WHEN MY BOY PASSED IT TO ME WHILE IM BLINDFOLDED.

Really awesome bf and bunch of frens I’ve! Felt so loved and pampered.

A close up pic on that camera! *Had wanted to buy a cam but it’s exp so ditch the idea till I’m planning to go to korea for summer programme and thus had a official excuse to get myself one! So had research quite awhile to finally decided on this, partly attracted to it due to its beauty @.@ It’s such a lovely designed camera. Jus as I’m trying to save up the money, its was a gift from my beloved frens!

So I got to start learning how to use it! I’m a camera noob =.= never played with digital cams before that’s y! Even my frens knows how to operate my cam more than I do!!! Yes, I’m that noob!

Thank you, my lovingly fens for the gifts!


2 thoughts on “Newbies♥

  1. Happy Birthday!!! There are tons of web sites that you can get the tabs/chords for songs. I use this one the most Once you have picked your song, you can go to the right hand side of your screen and pick the instrument and the chords will be change to that instrument.
    Good Luck!!!

    • Ohhhh Hi kelly! Thanks so much for the help!^^ It’s of great help to me(:
      Really thanks, Lovely!

      Well wishes,

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