Overdue Food post: Yu Cuisine

I had a big feast few months back at MBS before my exam with my bf and sec schmates!! An awesome treat by my old dear friend, Yy in celebration of Ken’s bd and soon bian celebrated mine. It was really delicious and I’m missing it now!!

漁 Yú Cuisine @MBS, it’s a modern Chinese seafood, dim sum, grill and champagne bar restaurant. B1-08 (Galleria Level) & L1-82 (Bay Level).

The restaurant ambience is good! I’m not sure about the pricing though as I cant really and the crab were 按时价! LOL, and apparently Yy hid the bills from me! Can try it out for the upcoming Father’s Day dinner!I believe Dads would love the dishes. =D

This was served on the table originally! we all thought it was just for decorative purpose cos the carrot looks fake and it just doesnt looked like food! so we tried biting etc. To our surprise, it’s delicious! It’s some garlic inside and wrapped the crispy outer layer.

After much raving, our main courses came! Wooots!!!!

 Peking Duck! Simply love it.


The skin of the Peking duck is sliced off and wrapped in these!

 Left the meat! hahah… skinless duck (^.^)

Vege dish! *I forgot the name*

 This is their signature dish! Hong Kong Aberdeen Chili Crab ♥ It’s very different from the usual chili crab we have. It’s really nice! MUST-TRY at Yu Cuisine. A special dish that I miss alot! *I’M A CRAB LOVER*

 Super Big Pincer for me ♥

Custard Buns! This is nice, I really like the taste; it’s not too salty not too sweet not too oily. Tho, I never tried other custard bun but I believe this is one of the best.

Lastly, Yy ordered this Papaya Almond. Very fragrant but the papaya could have been sweeter, then it will be perfect!

Hehe… Maybe when I’m ready to splurge, will patronise Yu Cuisine again!

It’s a bliss to be able to savor bits & pieces of my life, including a feast like this

Thanks to the cute couple! Yy & Ken.

… And another fren (zheng ming) who enjoyed the feast with us!


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