Hangout (*-*)

Went to meet my sec sch fren, xm, for PC Show at Suntec on the first day of the show! She needs to get a phone so I accompanied her and we went to hunt for phones! ( In particular, WHITE phones) I guess gals jus cant resist the beauty of white; white camera, white phones, white bags, white wedding dress, white interior designs, etc.

It was rather crowded but Singtel was fast! Within 15 minutes, Xm received her phone and paid upon deciding on which phones to get. She got herself a white LG optimus L7 endorsed by Super Junior. She love it so much! It was a pretty piece.

Next station we went hunting for my Olympus camera case… but I didn’t manage to find one! so sad! and to my surprise I saw Olympus Pen mini that everyone talks about is on Its Biggest Deal from Challenger!

Yes, I’m having heartaches! cos I wanted this but it was at $898 then which I think I cant afford but now It’s so much worth it to get at $558! My fren got 1 yesterday alrdy! It’s pretty light, about the same weight as XZ-1. Definitely can camwhore & do massive selfshots! So, those planning to buy cam, can consider this!

Last Stop, Quiznos! It’s our dinner(:

Love it that it has 9″inch size as I can share with Xm! (*save money also*)

This Turkey Ranch & Swiss with Honey Mustard is super delicious! -$9.60 for 9″

*got a salesgal said we looked like sisters! hahah. We are about the same height & size that’s y they thought we are sisters ^.^

The gal engrossing in her new phone! ♥


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