Music, part of everybody’s life

Been listening to music while studying, while traveling on train, while bored but i’m always lazy to update my music library. Since it’s holiday & I’m so free…been catching up on recent popular music videos on youtube while searching for new songs to learn on my uke! These are the music videos that I really like, some are youtube singers who sang very well, even better than the original singers!

Currently mesmerised in this song… “Safe and Sound” Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (Duet Cover w Bo the Girl)

Originally Talyor Swift ♥ Taylor Swift “Safe & Sound” Official Music Video ft. The Civil Wars

The ukulele version is quite hard to learn as I cant a tutorial version for the ideal chords I wanted. But, most importantly get to enjoy the nice songs first!!!

Some other niceee songs!

Payphone– Its a live under the music contect called ‘The Voices’

This is rather old but if you do catch ‘The Voices’, you will know this The Voice of America – Crazy Live ,featuring Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine & Blake.

music has been really an indispensable part of my life


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