Medz + Antoinette

Just 2 days ago, I went to Medz for my uni’s clique 21st birthday celebration dinner. Just like Marche, Medz has Spanish/Turkish/British/Italy Cuisines to choose from. I’ve never been to Marche so I couldn’t say which is nicer but I heard Medz is cheaper! Besides, there’s student price still going on. Mon-fri, 2-5pm, all going at 50%! *not sure when it’s valid till* Go now when the offer it’s still valid! Go there and have desert as high tea would also worth every cent!

I like their light ornaments.

We had Pizza – Ham & Pineapple ($14). Not bad! I like the thin crispy crust of it and the tomato sauce is just nice to my liking; not too sour.

I had the Escargot Aioli ($14)!

Its not too bad as I like the carbonara sauce that comes with it but the meat not so tasty. I preferred the jap seasoned kind.

We shared this Chicken & Bacon Skewer ($6.50). This is nice! hehe… there’s a few more variety like salmon, squid and some other fish.

My other frens had seafood and chicken paella, it was not bad too!

We shared the crispy crepe too! It wasn’t that crispy and it’s rather costly to have it at $5.90.

One of my fren had cured Salmon Rosti ($9)! *cheaper than Mrache* It’s not very very delicious but still edible(: haha… I’m picky.

Then, we moved on to our next stop for DESERT’S TIME! We went to the Antoinette @ mandarin gallery. It’s a very small outlet but we went near their closing time so it wasn’t crowded at all.

It’s closing soon so we can only order whatever is on display; left some cakes &  macarons. Couldn’t decide on the flavors of the macaroons so we ordered 1 of each flavor that is available! Sounds crazy, isn’t it? That’s total 12 macarons and it’s ain’t cheap! Yesh, which we tried all their flavors! Luckily, we had 6 people to share! It’s good to have a group of people as we can order more flavors and get to try every single flavor.

Tahiti, Chloe, Brittany, Praline, Pistachio, Rose, Violette, Charlotte, Passion, Grand Cru, Sesame & Antoinette.

they’re so pretty & colourful! We couldn’t remember the flavors and we try to guess while eating! I LOVE THE RED ONE (Charlotte) but dislike the green (Pistachio) —> way too sweet.

Anw, I love the restaurant, very cozy and its beautifully decorated in the theme of classy vintage.

Hope to visit Antoinette again for macarons!


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