Chillaxing @ Boat Quay

Other the popular Clarke Quay, Boat Quay is also scenic place for a dinner and a awesome place to chill. Yl googled to find out what’s nice at Boat Quay and he decided to try out P.O.W (Prince of Wales) -western cuisine

You will never feel bored while waiting for our food as you will be busy admiring & enjoying the ambience.

Calamari as the starter -$10. It’s quite worth it as its quite a big portion as a starter dish! Plus its delicious especially with the sauce but be warned its nice as its has a lot of MSG. *we got so thirsty after eating this!*

Our main dishes..

I had the Seafood spaghetti -$16. The seafood are fresh & nice but spaghetti could be softer(:

Yl had Baked Chicken-$20. It was quite nice, the fries too!

only after I went home & googled pow, I saw these offers!

Afterall, it’s worth trying! The prices on menu are all nett prices(:

we were too full so decided to walk ard Boat Quay & wanted take a peep opp POW into Timbre as we heard some live band’s singings! Indeed, we are memerised by the ambience there! definitely will go timbre one day!

 A nice view of timbre from outside…

There’s the live band! They are good singers too!

that’s all! A great day spent at Boat Quay.


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