37 Days of Cheesy & Foody Korea

I’m back from Korea summer programme! This is the first time I’m traveling so far and so long out of sg. Looking back at all the pictures I’ve taken and the memories that’s imprinted in my mind, I’m starting to miss korea alrdy! Mainly the food & the shopping! Almost all the food there are of my likings- where I love cheese & beef; jus like what they love too!

-Cheesecake ice creams!!!

This cheesecake cone ice cream is really nice! It has cheesecake chunks in it too! easily found in a particular convenience stall! ~SGD2.50.

Always feeling full after eating this!

Not only cheesecake ice cream is nice, practically any ice cream you grab from the fridge is awesome!

This is another nice cheesecake ice cream I had on the flight back to sg! I guess the korea really has nice cheesecake ice cream!!!

The ice creams all have real fruits/cheese chunks in it!

-Cheese ramen!

We had our cheese ramen at this popular shop!!!! really cool to eat in such traditional house! Besides, their cheese ramen is far most the best I’ve eaten! But its not easy to get there=.=

 Looks really nice rite? It’s Awesome! *Their cheese is those yellow kind of cheddar cheese!*

Then, we start doodling on the walls of the shop! (^.^) hahah.. koreans like to do this too! Saw a lot of doodling on the walls/pillars at the sides while queuing for rides at Everland.

-Cheesy meals from Ewha Women’s Univ stn

 Cheese ramen agn!

Oven-baked Cheese Dokpokki! – not very delicious *shld try at other stalls*

Oven-baked Cheese ramen!

-Cheese Fries from ‘Miss & Mr Potato’

Its super delicious! really cheesy (:

-Cheese cup ramen! – collection from ‘tok tok myeon’

Besides all the cheesy stuffs, I love their…

‘Par Bing Su’ – like ‘ice kacang in sg but total different taste! I love this so much! *they add peanut powder & their trad sweet if im not wrong!*

 Their soda milk drink! nice nice nice!!!

Their super chocolatey choco milk!

Their popular banana milk! *prefer the light most* Its very filing cos its quite a huge bottle. had this almost for my daily breakfast in Seoul. Other brands are nice too! jus that this is on offer when I’m in Seoul!

Strawberry Ice bar from Convenience store! The ice creams here are all very delicious!


The Baskin Robbins there is cheaper! ~SGD3.80 for 2 scoops! sg sells SGD5.60 for the same.

Loves KripsyKreme too!!! *HONEY-GLAZED FTW!* why sg no krispykreme?! T.T Ubersweet but I like!

More pics more pics up… I hope soon. hahah! OVERALL, I had so much fun in Korea! besides pocket’s burning, the experience is memorable!


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