School is Starting…

I actually still have alot of pictures & events to talk about from my Korea’s exchange programme but I’m just feeling soooo lazy. 0.0 Besides, the fact that school semester is starting is kinda making me sad & stressful. This semester is another hectic period for me as I have more modules to clear. The more I think about it, the more stressful I feel.

Moreover, I’m also trying ways to earn more money while studying. Taking tuition assignments is really tiring, cannot imagine when I go into the workforce in future. Hopefully, I will be more determined & carry on!

The first week of school had just passed and I have yet to tune myself back to “study mode” is also making me worry. Besides, my bf wont be around me everyday after school makes me feel so lonely too. It’s worse than when he’s in army…

Despite all the excuses I gave myself, I should be mature enough to think more about what is my priority.

On top of that, I shall psycho myself that I should be content with what I have, to feel happier each day!

Night View of Lotte World - awesomely beautiful

Random pic to cheer myself up! *Lotte World At Night* SOOOOO PRETTY~


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