UpNorth Road Trip

I crashed my bf’s residence clique to malaysia for a 3days 2night road trip. It was fun and I had so much great food there. I was rather useless there as I can’t help to share the burden of the driver and I cant speak malay/know the routes tho I’m malaysian. LOL. I just enjoy only. HAHHA!

Day #1 – PORT DICKSON (17th Dec 2012)

Camwhore agn while driving up to Port Dickson from JB.

Camwhore agn while driving up to Port Dickson from JB.

View outside our hotel -CORUS PARADISE

View outside our hotel -CORUS PARADISE

Pretty view from our hotel room

Pretty view from our hotel room

Camwhore-ing on top the roof of the car (fascinated by the car with 'convertible' alike roof)

Camwhore-ing on top the roof of the car (fascinated by the car with ‘convertible’ alike roof)

Car-camwhoring 2

Car-camwhoring 2

Inside car-camwhoring

Inside car-camwhoring while gg for our watersports!

WE COULDNT FIND THE SHOP I RESEARCHED ONLINE BEFORE COMING, so we anyhow drive to some beach at Port Dickson (Teluk Kemang beach). Luckily, we managed to find a ulu corner with a small shop. err… correction, its not even a shop. It’s jus a corner with an Indian Auntie there with watersports facilities on shore. Because it’s a ulu corner, the Auntie had no business and hahah, we bargain prices! So we are super lucky to play Banana Boat and Jet Ski at super affordable prices. Banana Boat at RM10/pax (10mins) and Jet Ski RM30/pax (15mins). FIRST TIME TRYING JET SKI AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN!!! THRILLING EXPERIENCE.

We’re all busy playing so no photos taken! Plus we didn’t bring cameras out cos none of us has waterproof cams. Don’t ever dare to bring iPhone around.

Dinner at some random restaurant-REALLY SPICY TOMYUM

Dinner at some random restaurant-REALLY SPICY TOMYUM CUSINE

Most our lips are swollen. Too spicy to take photo of it.

Gg to Chillax!

Gg to Chillax!

Chillax at some atas resort's Bar

Chillax at some atas resort’s Bar



After Which we head back to our Hotel and sleep. ZZZzzzzz….

Day #2 – Genting-Klang-KL-PD (18th Dec 2012)

It was not in our itinerary to go Genting, we are just being random! So we did not prepare for the cold weather up there as well! We were in t-shirts, shorts and slippers. Luckily I brought my cardigan along, so we grab whatever jackets we have and go!!!! Such random plans are really fun and exciting tho! HAHA. Joke!

We were all excited about the cool weather up in Genting but we were not fortunate. It rained just after we happily bought our outdoor theme park pass. So we went back indoor to hide from rain.

EAT Dim Sum while waiting for rain to stop

EAT Dim Sum while waiting for rain to stop

Not nice tho... Waste our $$=.=

Not nice tho… Waste our $$=.=

Finally rain stops for a while we quickly went to queue for any rides nearby

Finally rain stops for a while we quickly went to queue for any rides nearby

Our passes

Our passes

While waiting for pirate ship(;

While waiting for pirate ship(;

Triple 3 in Genting - Shirts,Shorts,Slippers

Triple 3 in Genting – Shirts, Shorts, Slippers

So we were all shivering in cold under the strong wind and drizzle! Hahaha!

On Board - Pirate Ship

On Board – Pirate Ship

We couldn’t play more rides as It started raining again. So we have to bid goodbye to Genting as we rushing to Klang for Bah Kut Teh. RM50 for a Pirate Ship ride at Genting. HAHA. *funny moments*

No Bah Kut Teh so we go Prata-ing

No Bah Kut Teh so we go Prata-ing *look for Mr Bean’s alike in this pic* HAHA!

Too lucky, the Klang Bah Kut Teh closes for 3 days starting that day. LOL. So we juat walked around Klang and have our dinner at a Indian Muslim stall which serve nice prata and prata bomb!

Our last stop of the day – KL PETRONAS TWIN TOWER


Camwhore non stop! We were there for at least 1.5hrs just taking photos alone.

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Day #3 – Melaka (19th Dec 2012)


Lunch at Melaka famous Chicken Rice Ball Stall.

Lunch at Melaka famous Chicken Rice Ball Stall.

Finally I get to eat this stall & I love it! I went Melaka last CNY but this stall is closed): So we walked a long way here just to eat and queue for this!

Jonker street is just beside!

Jonker street is just beside!

Very old shop

Very old Chicken Rice Ball Stall

Yummmms.. I love the rice balls. very fragrant!

Yummmms.. I love the rice balls. very fragrant!

Posing in 二叔公

Posing in 二叔公

After an awesome lunch, just like anyone who visit Melaka, we shop at 二叔公. My dad loves the coffee power there.

Last Stop before back to JB – NADEJE

Very Very Nice Crepe Cake. One of the Road Trip mates introduced this cake shop and she said it’s very famous and everyone who pass by Melaka will definitely visit this before going back. Now, I know why. hahah! I love the cream, not very filling and the combinations of crepe and cream is so nice! Not very cheap tho, RM9/slice.

Banana Chocolate

Banana Chocolate



Will definitely visit Melaka again! maybe during upcoming CNY. Hehe.

Last but not least

Last but not least

Seafood Zi Char at Jb before heading to Custom to go back Sg. Had so much fun! Now I’m excited for my vrigin trip to Winter Taiwan on 5th Jan 2013!


Post-Exam Celebrations♥

It’s been almost the same for post-exam celebrations for me every year. After the last paper, I would go eat with either my course mates, bests or my bf. Lastly, back home to catch up on dramas! the last thing I would do is sleep till next day’s afternoon!

This semester has been really stressful for me as usual, as I had 2 major paper on the same day the subsequent paper on the next day. Basically, 3 papers in less than 48 hrs. The stress level is tremendous that my migraine just came back to haunt me again. Of course, I have to hang on, I do not want to take any MC as I want a less taxing year 4 since I will have FYP to busy with. So glad that I hanged on, an achievement made 😀

I’m really looking forward to this holidays as there is 1 malaysia road trip (came back le) and 1 taiwan trip in Jan 2013.Though I hate myself for being so lazy after exams that im not cleaning up my room. hahah. *heck*

There’s actually a long list of to-do for me to complete, however, I’m just too lazy to doing some of the stuffs. Luckily, I managed to send out the christmas cards! So proud of myself^^ so glad that ‘giving’ others provides me with joy & happiness. Really thank whoever has made me felt that way.

Below are pictures of what I’ve done over past weeks! ♥really enjoying my holidays…

Making of Bd card for our pretty gal, Dianne.

Eating MarbleSlab while using the space there to do the bd card!

Eating MarbleSlab while using the space there to do the bd card!

look at the flavors! YUMMY

look at the flavors! YUMMY!

Anna's doing the card!

Anna’s doing the card!

hahah! the bd gal is so pretty;D

hahah! the bd gal is so pretty;D

Movie & mini bd celebration with Bd gal.

Group portrait of us girlies!

Group portrait of us girlies!


the number of polaroids we took & we are taking better at self-shots after practices.

the main actress of the day!

the main actress of the day!


Pretty bd gal with her pressie^^

Orchard Shopping with Bf


Paris Baguette!


Xmas deco outside Orchard Central


Park Bing soo

A Date With Sexy Sis, Apple

1st Xmas Pressie

1st Xmas Pressie



Then we got 'engaged'! hahah!

Then we got ‘engaged’! hahah!

lovin my new accessory

lovin my new accessory


It’s gonna be a busy yet fulfilling…

Hey diary, I have not written anything for the past weeks! Let me jot down some interesting events that happened thus far.

I believe I’ve grown quite a bit as time passes by, not that I’m getting older but in terms for maturity. I know what I want and really felt so satisfied that I strived for it even though the results may not be the most anticipated. This applies not only in sch but in my social life and in my relationship. I used to be very easy-going as I do not have anything I want in mind, the flaws of being indecisive. But now I’m just slightly better.

Into my 3rd year in uni, I felt time really passed by very fast. I wanted to do so much more stuffs and join so much more events but I did not have the courage or driving force to back then in year 1&2. As most of the time, I will be doing those stuffs alone=.= Different interests among my peers in my clique, that’s why. Nonetheless, I should be contented that ast least I joined something in year 2.

I felt so happy that I’m not limiting my social circle to my very own coursemates as I’ve made nice and humorous bunch in my welfare club’s orientation camp. Yes, after 2 years, we are still so close!!!Even though we are all in different portfolio! awesome peeps I’ve made. They add laughter to my uni life.

This year will be a busy year for me as I’ve made more committments in joining an Ocip prg as main com and a sub com in Union’s corporate network. As I had always wanted to join ocip and experience how stuffs work in union. I hope I will learn much more valuable lessons in both journeys and add on more colours to my uni life.

Meanwhile, I will definitely not neglect my frens as! Had a secret mission completed by surprising my dear friend, Xinyi for her 21st Bd! FELT SO LOVED whenever my frens are so happy with the surprises and all.

Those smiles aren’t those we can exchange over a joke but years of valuable friendship can.

School is Starting…

I actually still have alot of pictures & events to talk about from my Korea’s exchange programme but I’m just feeling soooo lazy. 0.0 Besides, the fact that school semester is starting is kinda making me sad & stressful. This semester is another hectic period for me as I have more modules to clear. The more I think about it, the more stressful I feel.

Moreover, I’m also trying ways to earn more money while studying. Taking tuition assignments is really tiring, cannot imagine when I go into the workforce in future. Hopefully, I will be more determined & carry on!

The first week of school had just passed and I have yet to tune myself back to “study mode” is also making me worry. Besides, my bf wont be around me everyday after school makes me feel so lonely too. It’s worse than when he’s in army…

Despite all the excuses I gave myself, I should be mature enough to think more about what is my priority.

On top of that, I shall psycho myself that I should be content with what I have, to feel happier each day!

Night View of Lotte World - awesomely beautiful

Random pic to cheer myself up! *Lotte World At Night* SOOOOO PRETTY~

37 Days of Cheesy & Foody Korea

I’m back from Korea summer programme! This is the first time I’m traveling so far and so long out of sg. Looking back at all the pictures I’ve taken and the memories that’s imprinted in my mind, I’m starting to miss korea alrdy! Mainly the food & the shopping! Almost all the food there are of my likings- where I love cheese & beef; jus like what they love too!

-Cheesecake ice creams!!!

This cheesecake cone ice cream is really nice! It has cheesecake chunks in it too! easily found in a particular convenience stall! ~SGD2.50.

Always feeling full after eating this!

Not only cheesecake ice cream is nice, practically any ice cream you grab from the fridge is awesome!

This is another nice cheesecake ice cream I had on the flight back to sg! I guess the korea really has nice cheesecake ice cream!!!

The ice creams all have real fruits/cheese chunks in it!

-Cheese ramen!

We had our cheese ramen at this popular shop!!!! really cool to eat in such traditional house! Besides, their cheese ramen is far most the best I’ve eaten! But its not easy to get there=.=

 Looks really nice rite? It’s Awesome! *Their cheese is those yellow kind of cheddar cheese!*

Then, we start doodling on the walls of the shop! (^.^) hahah.. koreans like to do this too! Saw a lot of doodling on the walls/pillars at the sides while queuing for rides at Everland.

-Cheesy meals from Ewha Women’s Univ stn

 Cheese ramen agn!

Oven-baked Cheese Dokpokki! – not very delicious *shld try at other stalls*

Oven-baked Cheese ramen!

-Cheese Fries from ‘Miss & Mr Potato’

Its super delicious! really cheesy (:

-Cheese cup ramen! – collection from ‘tok tok myeon’

Besides all the cheesy stuffs, I love their…

‘Par Bing Su’ – like ‘ice kacang in sg but total different taste! I love this so much! *they add peanut powder & their trad sweet if im not wrong!*

 Their soda milk drink! nice nice nice!!!

Their super chocolatey choco milk!

Their popular banana milk! *prefer the light most* Its very filing cos its quite a huge bottle. had this almost for my daily breakfast in Seoul. Other brands are nice too! jus that this is on offer when I’m in Seoul!

Strawberry Ice bar from Convenience store! The ice creams here are all very delicious!


The Baskin Robbins there is cheaper! ~SGD3.80 for 2 scoops! sg sells SGD5.60 for the same.

Loves KripsyKreme too!!! *HONEY-GLAZED FTW!* why sg no krispykreme?! T.T Ubersweet but I like!

More pics more pics up… I hope soon. hahah! OVERALL, I had so much fun in Korea! besides pocket’s burning, the experience is memorable!

Chillaxing @ Boat Quay

Other the popular Clarke Quay, Boat Quay is also scenic place for a dinner and a awesome place to chill. Yl googled to find out what’s nice at Boat Quay and he decided to try out P.O.W (Prince of Wales) -western cuisine

You will never feel bored while waiting for our food as you will be busy admiring & enjoying the ambience.

Calamari as the starter -$10. It’s quite worth it as its quite a big portion as a starter dish! Plus its delicious especially with the sauce but be warned its nice as its has a lot of MSG. *we got so thirsty after eating this!*

Our main dishes..

I had the Seafood spaghetti -$16. The seafood are fresh & nice but spaghetti could be softer(:

Yl had Baked Chicken-$20. It was quite nice, the fries too!

only after I went home & googled pow, I saw these offers!

Afterall, it’s worth trying! The prices on menu are all nett prices(:

we were too full so decided to walk ard Boat Quay & wanted take a peep opp POW into Timbre as we heard some live band’s singings! Indeed, we are memerised by the ambience there! definitely will go timbre one day!

 A nice view of timbre from outside…

There’s the live band! They are good singers too!

that’s all! A great day spent at Boat Quay.

Medz + Antoinette

Just 2 days ago, I went to Medz for my uni’s clique 21st birthday celebration dinner. Just like Marche, Medz has Spanish/Turkish/British/Italy Cuisines to choose from. I’ve never been to Marche so I couldn’t say which is nicer but I heard Medz is cheaper! Besides, there’s student price still going on. Mon-fri, 2-5pm, all going at 50%! *not sure when it’s valid till* Go now when the offer it’s still valid! Go there and have desert as high tea would also worth every cent!

I like their light ornaments.

We had Pizza – Ham & Pineapple ($14). Not bad! I like the thin crispy crust of it and the tomato sauce is just nice to my liking; not too sour.

I had the Escargot Aioli ($14)!

Its not too bad as I like the carbonara sauce that comes with it but the meat not so tasty. I preferred the jap seasoned kind.

We shared this Chicken & Bacon Skewer ($6.50). This is nice! hehe… there’s a few more variety like salmon, squid and some other fish.

My other frens had seafood and chicken paella, it was not bad too!

We shared the crispy crepe too! It wasn’t that crispy and it’s rather costly to have it at $5.90.

One of my fren had cured Salmon Rosti ($9)! *cheaper than Mrache* It’s not very very delicious but still edible(: haha… I’m picky.

Then, we moved on to our next stop for DESERT’S TIME! We went to the Antoinette @ mandarin gallery. It’s a very small outlet but we went near their closing time so it wasn’t crowded at all.

It’s closing soon so we can only order whatever is on display; left some cakes &  macarons. Couldn’t decide on the flavors of the macaroons so we ordered 1 of each flavor that is available! Sounds crazy, isn’t it? That’s total 12 macarons and it’s ain’t cheap! Yesh, which we tried all their flavors! Luckily, we had 6 people to share! It’s good to have a group of people as we can order more flavors and get to try every single flavor.

Tahiti, Chloe, Brittany, Praline, Pistachio, Rose, Violette, Charlotte, Passion, Grand Cru, Sesame & Antoinette.

they’re so pretty & colourful! We couldn’t remember the flavors and we try to guess while eating! I LOVE THE RED ONE (Charlotte) but dislike the green (Pistachio) —> way too sweet.

Anw, I love the restaurant, very cozy and its beautifully decorated in the theme of classy vintage.

Hope to visit Antoinette again for macarons!