School is Starting…

I actually still have alot of pictures & events to talk about from my Korea’s exchange programme but I’m just feeling soooo lazy. 0.0 Besides, the fact that school semester is starting is kinda making me sad & stressful. This semester is another hectic period for me as I have more modules to clear. The more I think about it, the more stressful I feel.

Moreover, I’m also trying ways to earn more money while studying. Taking tuition assignments is really tiring, cannot imagine when I go into the workforce in future. Hopefully, I will be more determined & carry on!

The first week of school had just passed and I have yet to tune myself back to “study mode” is also making me worry. Besides, my bf wont be around me everyday after school makes me feel so lonely too. It’s worse than when he’s in army…

Despite all the excuses I gave myself, I should be mature enough to think more about what is my priority.

On top of that, I shall psycho myself that I should be content with what I have, to feel happier each day!

Night View of Lotte World - awesomely beautiful

Random pic to cheer myself up! *Lotte World At Night* SOOOOO PRETTY~


Lost for 2 months…

♥I just realised I did not blog for sooo long…becos whenever I switched on my com, I will watch KR Drama, leaving me with no extra time for blog): I think I should cut down my drama addiction!

1st September 2010: Freshmen Welcome Ceremony for College of Engineering.

Letter dated 29th April 2010, I was accepted by NTU and being offered Bioengineering with business minor. I do not have  good A level results so I did not expect that I will get offered by Bioengineering. I put Biological Science as second choice but I did nt get it despite the cut off point is lower than Bioengineering.  Since I find Bioengineering interesting, I decided to give it a try! I felt that I was given a birthday gift when I saw that letter of acceptance(:

I did not join any Orentation Camp so I was alone at the Ceremony. I was greeted with awesome goodie bags!

However, I was kinda bored as no one I knew is in the same course as me); As then I just these 2 gals whivh I remember seeing them during medical checkup! So i pick up my courage and went to say ‘HELLO!’ haha… One of them is in the same course as me, I was so happy! at least I know some one…

Everything becomes more interesting for me as I met quite a no. of frens!

5th September 2010: Offiicial Curriculum starts.

Attending Physics lecture was quite challenging for me as I do have A level physics background… I even have difficulties doing the tutorials. I was stressed. The rest of the modules is still okay for me then except physics and biz finance.

we, my clique was rather slack for the first few weeks….As weeks goes by, more modules are getting in-depth and I feel like a lost sheep in the vast greenfields. I hate this feeling a lot, Im mentally tired and had advoidance syndrome at times. I tried to force myself. I repeat A level so I was 1 year slower than my batch, if I did not do well in uni I will let myself down. I want to change and I will change!

Today; 16th October 2010 is the start of my Recess week.

I aim to revise and catch up my studies esp Physics and Biz finance! After tjhis Recess week, just 2 month away will be my Final exams. I need to buck up and focus. I had always been very careless in my tests and quizes which had caused much heartaches… I want to change my carelessness. I have to get my facts right and have it sealed in my mind so I can answer questions confidently without making any careless mistakes.


♥Let the light shine on me