It’s gonna be a busy yet fulfilling…

Hey diary, I have not written anything for the past weeks! Let me jot down some interesting events that happened thus far.

I believe I’ve grown quite a bit as time passes by, not that I’m getting older but in terms for maturity. I know what I want and really felt so satisfied that I strived for it even though the results may not be the most anticipated. This applies not only in sch but in my social life and in my relationship. I used to be very easy-going as I do not have anything I want in mind, the flaws of being indecisive. But now I’m just slightly better.

Into my 3rd year in uni, I felt time really passed by very fast. I wanted to do so much more stuffs and join so much more events but I did not have the courage or driving force to back then in year 1&2. As most of the time, I will be doing those stuffs alone=.= Different interests among my peers in my clique, that’s why. Nonetheless, I should be contented that ast least I joined something in year 2.

I felt so happy that I’m not limiting my social circle to my very own coursemates as I’ve made nice and humorous bunch in my welfare club’s orientation camp. Yes, after 2 years, we are still so close!!!Even though we are all in different portfolio! awesome peeps I’ve made. They add laughter to my uni life.

This year will be a busy year for me as I’ve made more committments in joining an Ocip prg as main com and a sub com in Union’s corporate network. As I had always wanted to join ocip and experience how stuffs work in union. I hope I will learn much more valuable lessons in both journeys and add on more colours to my uni life.

Meanwhile, I will definitely not neglect my frens as! Had a secret mission completed by surprising my dear friend, Xinyi for her 21st Bd! FELT SO LOVED whenever my frens are so happy with the surprises and all.

Those smiles aren’t those we can exchange over a joke but years of valuable friendship can.